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  • At Redlands property management, we are capable of handling all aspects of your property management.

    We will suggest rental prices dependent on the other prices available in the area of your property.

  • We will assist you in finding reliable tenants quickly.

  • We will handle the collection of rent for you.

  • We offer routine inspections of your property.

  • We respond to any emergency at any time of the day or night, using professionals that are experienced and vendors who are preferred.

  • We can efficiently handle all evictions on your behalf.

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How Our System Works

1Our Team Will Market And Quickly Place A Tenant For Your Property

Jackson Property Management Redlands will secure your next renter very quickly, so that your property will not be vacant for a long time, and not be generating any income. By researching the rent price ranges of additional available rentals locally, we will help you to determine your individual properties rent price.

2JPM Offers a Comprehensive Applicant Verification Process

We conduct income, credit, as well as criminal inspections on potential tenants, ensuring that only competent tenants who is financially responsible and will pay out their rent payments on a timely basis and show respect for your property will be (blank).

3We Can Obtain the Rent payments meant for You

We make sure all tenants know how important paying rent on time every month can be for them and the property owner. Our automatic ACH withdraw and online payment services help tenants easily pay out their rent every month, and we ensure the funds will be quickly transferred to all property owners' accounts.

4We Take Care Of Your Property

We can get great deals for you for all the maintenance needs of your property, because of our maintenance staff that is in house and the vendors with whom we have long relationships. We ensure that your tenants and property receive the care required throughout the entire day, seven days a week, should an emergency arise.

5We Conduct Regular Inspections

To make sure that your rentals are kept well-maintained by your tenant, then regular inspections are necessary. Our home inspector who is on staff performs detailed inspections, documenting with videos and pictures, any damage found. We will get in touch with you immediately if any such issues are found with the home.

6We Conduct Evictions upon your Behalf

If a renter doesn't pay for the rent, or perhaps breaches their lease contract, we at Redlands property management, could evict these individuals for you. Our experienced staff are knowledgeable about the eviction procedure as well as the associated regional eviction laws and regulations. The entire process can be handled by us, without you having to even talk with the renter.

7We Deliver In-Depth On the web Reporting

An on the web secure area is a feature of the Jackson Property Management site, for all property holders. Right here a web-based user interface is provided, where you are able to view tenant transaction record, financial statements, property record, work order history and much more. You will be aware what's happening always.

Your concerns clarified...

  • Q: What are the locations of the properties that JPM Redlands manages?

    A: We manage properties int he Redlands, Yucaipa, Loma Linda and Mentone regions.

  • Q: What types of real estate are managed?

    A: We manage various types of properties. This includes family homes, condominiums and apartment buildings.

  • Q: Let's say I own more than a single property?

    A: We can manage as many properties as you own thus serving as the central communication for all of them.

  • Q: Precisely what does your services cost?

    A: Our fee structure is simple and cost effective. We will provide you with a free of charge, customized quote whenever you contact us. This charge includes management for your property at all times of the day and night and is only a small part of the rent which is obtained. If you don't receive rent, you won't be charged.

  • Q: Who establishes rent?

    A: We have experienced, knowledgeable managers who will use his or her resources to suggest a fair rental price for you to charge. Ultimately it's your choice what to charge for rent.

  • Q: How quickly will my property be rented?

    A: This actually depends upon numerous factors. The average turn-around time for a rent ready property that's charging marketplace rate is less than a month. If your price is above market rate or your unit isn't ready to be rented out, then it will take longer.

  • Q: Who will pay for maintenance?

    A: You are accountable for covering any repairs unless your tenant has been deemed responsible for causing the damage, in which case you can have them pay for the repairs and maintenance of your property.

  • Q: Should you work with our Redlands property management team?

    A: Our services are extensive and cost efficient, which means that you won't be under a lot of stress throughout the process. We also have a 100% satisfaction promise in place. What this means is that if your renter just isn't paying you any rent, then we won't charge you a fee.

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Total satisfaction Guarantee

"Your total satisfaction will be each of our objective . We are so positive you will be content with our solutions we provide you with a 100% Total satisfaction Promise.

If the renter is not forking over rent payments, then you definitely will not have to pay our company. All of us uphold our services, and definitely enjoy working together with you in the management of your home."

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